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A Little About me

Kristi Turner, Wedding Photographer



Hi, I'm glad my photos have captured your attention, thanks for stopping by. I'm Kristi, visual story teller, wedding photographer, capturing intoxicating love filled adventures and searching for dream backdrops throughout NSW since 2009.


Every person deserves to have a photographer at their wedding who strives to do their best every time they pick up the camera. 'My passion is about storytelling through the lens of my camera' –my camera being an extension of my heart and home.   Capturing the unforgettable moments when you marry the love of your life! With images to bring you back and have you re-live the most unforgettable, unpredictable, irreplaceable, best moment of your life - I'm enriched by giving these moments back to you.

Easily comfortable at a big luxurious wedding or a tiny elopement. With years experience of wedding photography and a style that is distinctly my own. I pride myself on not just being a wedding photographer, but an artist creating unique and expressive imagery. Rich in emotion, artful use of light and a rare ability to capture the most emotive moments. I like to capture the moments as they unfold...... "Anyone can take a picture.. a person with passion sees a the picture before its taken". My photos are not reactive, but rather anticipatory - anticipating moments before they occur. Providing the experience and foresight to capture moments as they appear. Being in tune with what’s happening on the other side of the lens. I expect the unexpected. And wrap it up with a uniqueness that your day deserves. Every precious memory will be beautifully documented. 

What to Expect on your Day

Immersed in your story, moment driven, it’s my job to capture the smile on the guests faces, your tipsy aunty on the dance floor, the running children, that flat tyre on the bridal car (’s happened), the loving glances you two give each other, your interactions and of course the beautiful backdrop you have chosen to say ‘I do’. Knowing that I have already thought about where I’ll be standing to shoot and have scoped out the area for beautiful angles, lighting and moods,  utilizing each wedding venue to its full potential. 

"Photography to me is not looking. It's feeling. If you can't feel what your looking at, then your never going to get others o feel anything when they look at your pictures" - Don McCullen

To me a great photo is one that makes you feel something when you look back on them, you should not only see the captured moment, but it is also transport you back to relive that very moment in time with a lump in your throat, revisiting how you felt in that very moment. Bringing a smile to your face even in the hardest of times. Powerful imagery.

"Relax, Breathe & Let me Capture Your Day"

Relax, breathe in and let me capture your day. To me, having a connection with every couple is very important. I want you to feel relaxed and at ease with me, just be yourself. I want you to enjoy my company as much as my creativity. Humour - I love to laugh; this takes the edge off a nervous groom or unlocks a smile from your 3 year old neice. I will help you break down any anxious walls. People always look better when they are relaxed and being themselves rather than forced poses (no awkward stuff). When my couples are relaxed and focusing on each other, that’s when the magic happens. I want you to get lost in each other while I shoot away. I want you to feel like I work seamlessly in with the flow of your day and to know every second I am with you, I will dedicate to documenting the realness and beauty.


On your day I will stay in the shadows to capture beautiful candids. I’ll remain unobtrusive and let your day unfold naturally. That being said, it’s not every day you are in front of a camera so I will guide you when necessary and won’t leave you alone and clueless. I will typically put you were there is amazing light, capture the raw beauty of the moment. I want you to feel like the only thing you need to do is have the time of your life. I will keep you on track – stress free. You can tick wedding photographer off your to-do list, relax and enjoy your day.


To My Brides


To my brides – you have dreamt of this day since you were a little girl. My goal is to make you look your best. Capture that glimpse you give your husband. That time you turned around and the sunlight caught your face making your skin glow, that moment you laughed so heartedly your inner beauty shone so bright. Capturing that fairytale factor

To My Grooms

To my grooms – If you stare longingly as your bride, if your best man has you laughing out loud, your brother high fives you – you bet I will be there to capture that. You and your best men will feel comfortable to be your happy go lucky  selves.

And  yes I do same sex marriages.


"There is beauty to be found in everything and everyone. I will make sure you and your crew look their best in every photograph"

I approach each wedding with fresh eyes, also with a patience and commitment to getting the best picture that can only be driven by a real passion for my career. "It’s not your day, it’s your forever". As your photographer, I’ll be here to provide suggestion where I can and provide creative ideas, working hand in hand with you to bring your special day to life. Capturing the most magical day of your life just shouldn’t just be left to chance. "A wedding deserves experience, I’m willing to share with you mine".

Your wedding photos are the only that lasts past your wedding day, they will only increase in value over time as the images are passed down the generations as family heirlooms and provide you artistic work to adorn your walls. Timeless captures!!!

The End Result

Providing unlimited captures, all my camera equipment is high end gear which gives me an edge for creative images in difficult situations. A difference that your wedding photographer can make is to be able to capture beautiful images in the worst conditions, rain hail or shine. I only use Nikon professional camera and lenses when photographing your wedding. You are dealing with someone experienced, skilled and friendly, equipped with great photo gear.

Once the day is done you can trust that the service continues in post production. All images are individually edited (without watermarks) I spend a lot of time making sure the colours look right. What I won’t do is use any filters or unnatural photo shopping.  I love natural authentic images. Your digital images will be beautifully packaged and posted.


"As a lover of mother earth and nature, I do my best to package as sustainable and Earth friendly as possible"



Your photos are then ready for printing or posting on your favourite social media site. I guarantee you will cherish your beautiful photos for the rest of your life…. -Your complete wedding story.

Tell me your unique story, how did you meet? Please contact me if you are madly in love and would like to see yourself in my images.


Lets capture some magic together

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